How to Throw the Most Epic Virtual Holiday Party

All because the party is moving virtual, does not mean it has to be boring!

Whether you’re in charge of finding the best virtual options for your remote office party or you’re looking to host your friends for a special night in, there are plenty of ways to make your virtual holiday party a night to remember.

Here are a few things you’ll need to get the party started this year:

  • Entertainment

  • Food/Drinks

  • Party perks


We all know that the entertainment is what makes great parties truly memorable. But you may be wondering how to achieve the same level of excellence you’re used to in a virtual format?

Lucky for you, that's our specialty!

LiveSounds is a virtual entertainment company that provides hour long, professionally produced virtual shows that bring your remote attendees together. Each show includes live music, games, prizes, and a custom made highlight video afterwards that you can save and share on social media. LiveSounds' Virtual Venue utilizes both live stream and video conferencing to allow your team to watch the live streamed performer together face to face, like an in person performance! The entertainer interacts directly with their audience over video and through the chat, effectively throwing Zoom fatigue out the window.

With shows that were created specifically for the online format rather than translating in person shows online, LiveSounds provides the best option for your party’s online entertainment.

Check out one of our highlight video below for a taste of what our shows look like:


Another amazing perk of holiday parties is the food and drinks provided. Instead of hand delivering catering to your attendees houses, why not gift your party goers with a budget in which they can order food from their favorite restaurants for delivery using a service like PostMates or DoorDash? This will allow them to choose their own menu and enjoy their meal while they engage in the party. This will also empower them to support their local restaurants, which is always a major perk.

Party Perks

Want to go above and beyond? Send your attendees a party perk box a few days before or the day of the party! Whether that be a mixology box from CrateJoy or a Wellness Box from Broglie Box, make your party extra special with some take home goodies your people can enjoy.

And there you have it! That’s all you really need to create a virtual party that your attendees will talk about even after the pandemic is over. Party on!

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